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Addiction Counselling

Definition of Addiction; Collins English Dictionary

The condition of being abnormally dependent on some habit, especially compulsive dependency ….

An addiction is the behaviour of an individual who has a strong uncontrollable urge to continue repetitive behaviour which is unhelpful to or harmful to themselves and or others. This can be in the form of substance abuse, legal, illegal and prescribed drugs or activities such as gambling, exercise, food, alcohol, internet or sex. Addictions and the subsequent consequences can be very difficult for the person and those around them.

Addiction Counselling

So why do addictions develop and how can they be treated?

We at Davenport Counselling believe that there is no single reason why addictions are formed but we can identify some of the underlying causes. There is a fine line sometimes between abuse, addiction, the person does not often recognise that they have an addictive side to their personality and the damage this can cause to themselves, their family and friends.

Many addictions will reward the person by stimulating the brains reward pathways and this can be a very hard cycle to break. This can mean that it is very difficult for the person to break free from their addiction/s on their own.

Counselling can help to identify how emotional response behaviour can be modified to change the addictive behaviour. At Davenport Counselling, we offer confidential, nonjudgmental support, in comfortable, private surroundings, with over 5 years experience in dealing with addiction.

For those of you who would like to know what addiction feels like,  put your phone down, where you can see it, now you're not allowed to touch it, in anyway, for 24 hours.  How does that feel?

If you feel you are having problems with any addiction please contact us for an appointment.

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