"I can honestly say the decision to have counselling was not an easy one but after months of struggling with my mental health, I finally contacted Davenport Counselling, who had been recommended to me by a friend.  I was put immeiately at ease, when the voice at the other end of the phone said, you've already done the hardest bit, making the call.  Although there were other tough days, whether it was a quick call or face to face I always felt they had my back.

I would happily recommend them."


"Initially, I was really reluctant to get any help, the joys of being a lorry driver and a man, you just don't ask for help.  But with Covid and lockdown, I found that I needed it more than I knew.

Really helped that I could schedule a WhatsApp video call on my breaks, which helped me get through the pandemic."


"When I first went to Gerri I had gotten to a point with my anxiety where I was very lost and struggled to do basic things like going to work, the shops. Basically anything that involved leaving the house caused me to have panic attacks.

I remember in my early sessions just saying, all I wanted to do was be able to go to a pub with my friends or dinner that was my goal.

Gerri created a safe environment where I could talk openly and honestly. She gave me a platform which enabled me to learn new tools in how to manage my anxiety differently, but also break down the many barriers I had built for myself.

The biggest thing Gerri did for me was to help me accept my anxiety and understand the triggers and recognise the people and situations that caused me negative impact.

Since my first visit to where I am now the difference is incredible. My original goal of just wanting to be able to go out with my friends to the pub or for dinner has far been exceeded. I actually have a life now, where I can do things but also know when to give myself a break.

Gerri will always say I did the work but I certainly could not have done it without her!"


"Gerri I would just like to thank you for walking with me in my darkest times
Thanking you for all the times you were at the end of a phone . You would check on me and gave me the strength to make my days less pinfall.

You gave me the tools to help me fight another day.
I felt safe and you gave me honest advice to progress .
All this made me realise I could do it .

I did it and brought me back to life that I new and I couldn't of done it without you.
I thank you for all your support and can't find words to thank you enough."


"I have been seeing Gerri for a number of years and I cannot thank her enough for her support and help through the difficult parts of my life. She showed me ways and techniques to manage with my own mental health. She has managed to help me through things that previously I would have struggled to achieve and now has allowed me to find a career path that I am looking forward to undertaking. I would not have managed to take this carer path without the help, support and guidance given by Gerri to me. She offers a safe environment were I feel free to look at issues that are currently arising for me, and the time spent allows me to speak about things in a way that I might not necessarily do otherwise. I cannot recommend her services highly enough to people."