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Couple Counselling

Relationship and or Couple Counselling, sometimes known as ‘Marriage Counselling’, is actually for anyone in any type of committed relationship; married, living together, dating, engaged, separated, considering marriage, same sex, bisexual couples, transgender, in fact for any relationship, including but not exclusively, friendship, family, work, etc.

Trauma occurs in a relationship when situations such as an affair, either physical, emotional or both; when one or both partners claim to love the other but are not “in love” anymore and or when conflict, illness, financial strain or other situations threaten to damage or destroy the relationship.

Couple Counselling

We work with couples, together and individually in a comfortable, private setting where each person’s feelings, fears and needs are heard, acknowledged and validated; where they are able to communicate without having the same arguments they have at home. We enable couples to decide the best way forward for them, both together and as individuals. This may mean moving forward together or separately but doing so in the ‘healthiest’ way. Each person understanding their part in the health of their relationship and how going forward they can bring about lasting change.

A word about infidelity: Infidelity happens both in person and online. This can be devastating to the couple relationship. It takes a skilled Counsellor, one familiar with the unique and complex dynamics of relationships to help couples through these challenging circumstances.

Davenport Counselling has worked with couples for over 20 years in private practice, are Relate trained and have worked with Relate for over 10 years.

There is no need to continue with an unhealthy relationship. Seeking counselling is a sign of strength and recognition of the importance of the couple relationship.

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