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Dealing With Depression

Let's start with, the old adage of "what have you got to be depressed about, lots of people have it a lot worse than you" is nethier helpful or relevant.  No one says "what have you got to be happy about, lots of peoople have it much better than you".

Depression is an equal opportunities condition.  Anyone and every one can suffer from this.  It does not care about gender, status, race, religion or anything else for that matter.

We, that is everybody, have days where everything is just too much, we don't want to talk, see anyone and the things that we usually enjoy no longer hold anything for us.  This is part of the human condition.  

This becomes a problem when instead of lasting a few days, it becomes a constant way of being.  Depression can have a huge impact on daily life. 

Depression is not a few down days, it can be so debilitating that you're unable to get out of bed, wash, eat, are hyper self critical, sleeping problems, too much/little ....  It is not always floods of tears or a sad disposition.  People suffering and they are suffering, can seem quite themselves, smiling and happy, to the outside world. 

Here at Davenport Couselling we have years of experience working with depression and have developed tried and trusted methods of helping to navigate a path out of the darkness.



Dealing With Depression

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