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Individual Counselling

For anyone that wants to improve their life, relationships and/or mental health.

In a safe, private and supportive environment, counselling begins with a one to one and a half hour “Initial Consultation Session.” This session is designed for you to decide if you feel comfortable and for us to determine if the services we offer match your needs.

You are the “expert” on your life and experiences. We offer a three stage approach; exploration, understanding, action. Through exploration into the events, feelings, relationships or stresses, we seek to understand and then work on strategies for moving forward, so that you can lead your most productive, fulfilling life.

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling offers an opportunity for you to discuss your situation in an objective, nonjudgmental and supportive environment. We work together, towards you developing a deeper understanding of your emotions, thoughts, behaviors and decision making processes and how these have brought about your current situation.

Most people are not sure what to expect from counselling and usually arrive feeling a bit nervous or anxious. We understand that most people would rather not be seeing us at all. Most people say they feel very comfortable, safe and supported both during and after the session, with Davenport Counselling. They also say that counselling was much “better” than, or at least not as bad as, they had imagined.

Following the Consultation Session, many clients say that they had thought about counselling for a long time and that if they had known it would be “like this” would have done it sooner.

So, if you are considering counselling, please be encouraged by the words of our other clients, much like you and contact us today. You may feel much better, even after making the appointment.

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