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What Is A Problem?


The patterns of thoughts, behaviours and relationships that make up our lives can often be like circles that take us round and round. They may have developed long ago in our past or relatively recently.

They are usually a response to an event or interaction. At the time they developed, they were a way of ‘getting through’ something, a way of coping, a way to ‘make sense of the world’ at that time. They were ‘solutions’ – maybe not great ones, but the best that we could find at that time, maybe with limited resources available to us, and, they ‘worked’.

What Is A Problem?

Sometimes however, over time, the ‘solution’ itself becomes a problem. You could think of it like a broken leg that did not quite heal properly, it is still usable, it functions but there is a weakness.

In order to break this cycle, sometimes you need outside help. Someone who is a skilled listener, not involved in the situation and can take time to hear and understand you, someone that is nonjudgmental and professional.

How do you change these patterns?

In counselling, there are a number of different approaches; with over 25 years experience, here at Davenport Counselling, by identifying what your patterns are, where they come from, your wants and needs, we can work on different strategies to help you develop and learn new responses and options for living. Some of that ‘work’ may be in the ‘here and now’, with practical steps you can take. Some may be looking to your past to see where you got ‘stuck’ and helping you to move on.

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